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We’ve created creative campaign for more leads. KDev is a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in creating engaging campaigns that help businesses grow.

We created a series of creative campaigns to increase leads for their clients. The first campaign focused on building brand awareness and increasing website traffic – which successfully builded a brand during covid times. We used targeted display ads, organic search engine optimization, and content marketing to drive people to the client’s website. We also ran social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach their target audience.

The second campaign was centered around lead generation. I developed an email marketing program that included personalised emails sent to potential customers with relevant offers and discounts. We also developed an automated lead capture system that collected contact information from visitors who interacted with the client’s website or social media accounts.

Finally, the third campaign focused on customer retention and loyalty programs. My agency created an incentive program where customers received rewards for referring friends or making repeat purchases from the client’s website or store locations. This program helped increase customer loyalty and engagement with the brand, resulting in more leads for the client.

Overall, my creative campaign aka award-winning campaign was highly successful in generating leads for the client and improving their overall performance in sales and customer satisfaction.

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